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Apple Could Open an App Development Center in Indonesia

image: Pixabay/JESHOOTS

According to latest reports, Apple is considering its option to open up an application development center in Indonesia which is also part of an Apple research and Development center.

The news comes via a source who talked to Nikkei and revealed that the company’s app development center will be open later this year as the company expects to sell its newest smartphone in the country.

This move comes after the government of the country changed its laws regarding the ‘locally produced’ smartphones. Previously, the government didn’t consider application and software as part of components but latest change of laws means Apple can start an application development center which will be counted towards the amount of local production the government require. Previously Apple didn’t have newest devices in its online store in the country.

However, the latest change of laws have attracted attention of Samsung who established a production line in the country. This change of laws doesn’t come as a surprise as few weeks earlier, Apple and Indian government came to terms to produce smartphones locally in India to start selling the smartphone directly to the consumers in the country.

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