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Apple Map Gets Several New Features with the Latest Update

Back in 2012 when Apple first launched its Map service, a large number of users had criticized several features. However, given that such services take considerable time to improve, Apple took initiative to improve the service since then and interestingly, the company has decided to include the ability to book a restaurant in different areas of London with its latest update.

Earlier last year, Apple announced a lot of changes to its application during Annual Developers Conference. One of the major addition to the service was the ability to get information of different nearby spots and now, the company has moved one step forward and introduce a service named BookaTable.

By using the service, you can easily find something you are looking for in the nearby location and check user reviews and book the best available table. Interestingly, you can even order service from Uber to return home. All of these without leaving the application.

The update is being released on a regular basis for other users as the service is currently available in London and given that the feature would increase usability of Map by a great deal, in the coming years, Apple is more than likely to introduce the service to other countries and cities.

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