Amazon to Add Voice Calling and Messaging Feature to Echo Speakers

Amazon’s Alex is becoming increasingly popular as home assistant system and the company is introducing new features on a regular basis. As we are eagerly waiting for the new Echo Show speaker, the company announced several features which are set to make their ways to older echo devices. One of the major features is the support for voice calls and messages for the speakers.

After the features become available, Echo speaker owner will be able to make voice calls to other device owners. If you make a call and the receiver is unable to pick it up, you will be able to leave a message just like traditional voicemail feature. If someone leaves a message, the speaker’s light will glow green to let you know that you have unread messages. However, you won’t be able to make a call to any landline or owners who don’t have the Alexa app installed in their devices.

However, as off now, there’s no set timeline when you will be able to receive the update. Given that the Amazon Echo Show speaker is set to ship on June 28, it’s likely that the company will ship the features to all customers before that. You can purchase the standard Amazon speaker for $149.99. While adding the support for voice call is another step towards making the speaker more useful, users are rightfully concerned that the company will collect data from the chats.

Featured Image: Flickr/Rick Turoczy

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