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The X-Files Is Renewed for another Season

After a long break, the X-Files returned after a long break with some of the biggest names of the original casts returning to reprise their roles. As the tenth season of the series was built as an event series, fans of the show were wondering since the premier of the season if we will see more of the show in the coming year. But, the studio has finally decided to renew the show for its eleventh season that will run a total of ten full episodes.

When the series returned last year, the show immediately gained decent ratings as old fans of the show returned to see more adventures while new fans certainly got the taste of popular show. The studio confirmed that we will see original series creator Chris Carter return to produce the show once again while stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return to reprise their respective roles for the upcoming season.

As there hasn’t been major development for another season of the show, this news comes as a revelation as we were already wondering what will happen next after the latest season ended with a cliffhanger. As Duchovny stated earlier that the 6 episode for a show is certainly short and he would like to see an increased number of episodes, total of 10 episodes will certainly favor the storytelling and if the show continues to perform better, we might see more of the show in the coming years. However, we have a long wait before we can know a lot about the upcoming season.

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