Wireless Charging Might be Coming for iPhone and iPad

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Wireless charging isn’t a new idea but we might be a long time away from deploying such method of charging. However, an Apple patent suggests that the company is working on deploying such method of charging for a long time.

Filed all the way back in 2015, a patent by Apple noted that the company might use antennas to transfer power wirelessly using microwave frequencies. The patent noted, “Challenges can arise in implementing wireless charging and communications system[s]. If care is not taken, sensitivity to antenna misalignment and other issues can make it difficult or impossible to achieve desired levels of performance when integrating antennas and other structures into devices of interest.”

Given that the patent suggest that the company will use an electronic device to transfer power wirelessly to an external device, it lays down groundwork for two different devices. The patent talked about the devices as it said, “Dual-polarization dual-frequency patch antenna that is coupled to the wireless power transfer circuitry and that is configured to wirelessly transfer power from the wireless power transfer circuitry to the external device.”

If such technologies are coming in existence for everyday usage, then it might help solving the problems everyday users have. Running out of charge has been a major problem for consumers for a long time and if the company introduces this technology with the upcoming iPhone 8, then it would surely differentiate the smartphone from its competitors. However, we might have to wait several years before we see wireless charging becoming commonplace.

Featured Image: Pexels

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