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Volkswagen to Release New Electric SUV

German automaker Volkswagen is set to introduce another electric vehicles as electric cars are slowly becoming popular among consumers.

According to several reports, the company is planning on introducing the vehicle during the upcoming 2017 Shanghai motor show. The vehicle is set to follow the standard set by I.D. hatchback from 2016 motor show and I.D. Buzz concept from the 2017 Geneva motor show.

If the concepts of the crossover are anything to go by, then the upcoming model is set to compete with the models from other carmakers including BMW X4. The latest move towards introducing the vehicle can be seen as a positive move from the company following the scandal of Dieselgate as the company is planning on launching several full electric vehicles by 2020.


The upcoming model showcases a number of new features including autonomous driving technology that uses an array of laser. The car will also feature ultrasonic and radar sensor to increase the driving experience.

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