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Twitch Announces New Premium Subscription Tiers

Twitch is becoming a go to place for gamers and recently the company is trying to gain significant portion of the market by offering more features. Earlier last month, the company started offering twitter like news feed to the users and some other features that will likely to make the site more engaging. However, the company has decided to introduce some other premium subscription plans.

In the coming weeks, the network will introduce two more subscription options for streamers which will require you to pay $9.99 and $24.99 to enjoy more features within the platform.

According to official reports, these higher-tier services will give subscribers access to exclusive emotes and help the streamer they’re supporting unlock new emotes faster. Furthermore, a $9.99 subscription will be worth two subscriber counts, while a $24.99 subscription will be worth six.

If you decide to go with newly added plans, then you’ll have ability to send a custom message to the community. In addition to this, you can also provide gift subscription to someone. While the company didn’t reveal exact date of release, it’s expected that the company will introduce it within next few weeks. Talking about the plans, the company said, “As we build this program, our goal is to provide partnered streamers with a better way to earn a steady income and to give viewers more options to support streamers on Twitch.”

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