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Tunisia‘s Economy to Recover in 2017

Tunisia‘s Economy to Recover in 2017

Tunisia‘s Economy to Recover in 2017

Source : Flickr/Dennis Jarvis

Although Tunisia has seen slow growth rate for a period of six years, the country’s prime minister has said that the country’s economic growth is set to recover due to reviving tourism industry along with the return to state phosphate production.

This new statement came during his interview with the state television on Sunday as he addressed concerns about the economy after protests earlier last week.

The protest is part of the citizen’s ongoing concerns regarding cost of living, increased unemployment rate along with marginalization of smaller towns which contributed towards the uprising that led to overthrow of former president back in 2011. Despite the recent troubles, the country has been praised as an example of democratic transition.

The prime minister said, “As the Federal Reserve starts to tighten interest rates, we’re going to quite naturally import some of that rise and in fact we have seen that.” He also added that the despite the country’s tax revenue rose by 14 percent in the first quarter of this year, the upward trend is still fragile due to different protests that have had negative affect on the country’s overall attraction to investors.

As the country is still under pressure to cut down costs related to public finances and other sectors, the prime minister emphasized that the country is still in good term with different organizations. He said, “We are in good shape for these reforms and we are the first government that has the courage to start these delicate reforms that have been stalled for years.”

Despite the latest claim, the country is set to cut down 10,000 public sector jobs in the coming months.

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