Spotify Adds Behind the Lyrics Feature to Android App

Back in the day before music streaming services became popular, one of the most popular sources to find and listen new music was different channels dedicated towards music videos. One of the most interesting features of these music video contained different interesting information on the music and its inspiration. However, as the music industry started to reach its considerable amount of success, such feature left us and often times, users are required to search on web in case they want to know the idea behind the lyrics. If you are such kind of fan and currently using Spotify as the main source of your music streaming, then you will be glad to know that Spotify has just added a new feature in its Android App called behind the lyrics that will show you different information about the song you listen regularly.

Although the music streaming service added the feature for the iOS users back in 2016, Android users were left alone and it seems that the company has finally released the feature to much bigger Android community. In case you didn’t know, the feature was created thanks to company’s collaboration with the music community Genius.

If you are currently listening to music from Hip Hop and Today’s Top Hits playlists, you can look up the information related to artist and different information about the song you are currently listening to. The feature has been released yesterday and it might take several days before you finally be able to enjoy the feature. Hopefully, the feature will help you to satisfy your curiosity and make you more engaged with the songs and artists.

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