Scientists Just Discovered a New Aurora

Recently, a group of amateur sky watchers helped scientists to discover a new celestial phenomenon.

Over last couple of years, members of the group have been taking photos of the bright purple streak of light. Although the members thought that they have managed to discovered a kind aurora called a proton aurora, Eric Donovan, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Calgary pointed out that such phenomenon cannot be seen by the naked eyes which means the groups actually discovered something else.

Talking about the discovery, he told Calgary Eyeopener, “It looks a lot like a traditional auroral arc although the color is a bit wrong,” Donovan told the Calgary Eyeopener.

“We have seen it from Hudson Bay all the way over to Alaska in our data, and so it’s like someone reached in from space and drew a line with a purple magic marker across the Earth.”

As scientists are yet to understand the phenomenon completely, they named it ‘Steve’. Interestingly, unlike the Northern Lights, Steve doesn’t move and makes up perfect object for photography.

Photographer Paul Zizka wrote, “Unlike the northern lights, Steve is rather static. On that occasion, after noticing where the pillar was from a different location, I had time to drive 15 minutes to Vermilion Lakes to line it up with Mount Rundle. It was still hovering in the same spot!”

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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