Scientists Identify New Endangered Cats in Boreno

In a region in Rungan Landscape in Central Kalimantan, scientists have discovered a new population of Cats which are facing danger of extinction due to changing global climate situation.

Professor of ecology and conservation at the University of Exeter, said in a press release, “The type of tropical forest where we carried out our research is generally considered to be of relatively poor conservation value. However, we have found that this landscape actually represents a mosaic of forest types that supports a high diversity of wildlife, including a number of endangered species.”

“The discovery of the bay cat here illustrates that we cannot just make assumptions about the conservation value of remaining areas of rainforest, and that research on the ground is essential for the well-informed conservation.”

Van Venn and his team are currently continuing their survey on the forest to find out more about the endangered species which thought to have only 2,500 members left in the world. Talking about the discovery, the research team said, “There is still a lot we don’t know about the forests of Borneo and the clock is ticking. More surveys are needed to understand the distribution and ecological needs of Borneo’s wildlife if we are to save species on the brink of extinction.”

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