Samsung Introduces App that Will Stop You from Getting Distracted while Driving

Although driving and talking on phone is banned in several countries, drivers often get distracted or simply can’t stop the urge to take a look at the screen while they are driving. While this can lead to accidents, it’s still difficult to concentrate on driving while you receive a call. As a result, Samsung has developed a new app that will automatically reply for you using a text which might prevent you from getting distracted while you are driving somewhere.

Called, “In Traffic Reply”, the app does basically what it’s named. The app uses smartphone’s traditional sensor to determine if you are driving or not. If the app detects that you are driving based on the speed of your movement, it will automatically switch on to notify someone that you are currently driving.

While this isn’t some groundbreaking discovery as other applications are already doing it, it might help users as they will see the app pre-installed in the smartphone. However, the application is currently on beta and available to users in the Netherlands. The application is scheduled to get a full release next month.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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