Night Trap Is Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

When Night Trap was released more than 25 years earlier, it attracted a lot of criticism as it was deemed too violent at the time. Since then, games have come a long way as the violence which was too much would seem to be too tame for modern games in horror genre. Despite that, the game is returning to PS4 and Xbox One later this spring.

If you aren’t born in the era, then you’d be pretty surprised with the gameplay as the game required minimal input from user for progression of storyline. However, given that it was the first game to feature violence at larger scale, Sega was forced to pull away the game from market following hearing by a Senate Judiciary and Government Affairs Committee.

However, since then there has been major changes in the industry and Supreme Court has since granted video games the privileges of arts. As a result, the game is coming back which will most likely be considered to be dull by a large number of consumers. However, the goal is to preserve the history of gaming rather than to gain new fans. It’ll be interesting to see though how the sales numbers lines up following its release.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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