Microsoft Surface Revenue Suffer Due to Competition in the 2-in-1 Market

Everyone was hyped when Microsoft made dream of laptop tablet combo with its Surface line of laptops few years back. However, over time, the hype has died significantly as more companies have started to offer cheaper alternatives. As a result, the company has started to suffer in the division as the company’s report noted that Surface revenues have fallen 26 percent compared to last year. Interestingly, Microsoft is experiencing same complains of producing overly priced laptop which is a popular idea of windows users when they talk about Apple Notebooks. As Microsoft is forced to compete with the similar laptops produced by other companies such as Dell, Lenovo, it’s become significantly difficult to keep the laptops attractive to consumers.

As a result of more alternatives with lower price tag, sales of Surface laptops are slowing down. Moreover, given that the company has refreshed the line up more than 2 years earlier, the product line badly in need of refreshment. Moreover, the laptops were released with several problems which most likely have contributed towards lower sales figure over last year.

With the education focused Microsoft event set for next month, we might finally get to see new entries in the product lines. Given that the 2-in-1 are becoming relatively popular, it’s hard to see if the company will give up on the products so easily.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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