Microsoft Signals End of Its Mobile Phone Business as Other OS Become Popular

Image: Wikimedia Commons

As smartphone became increasingly popular over last couple of years, PC sales have gone down significantly. Although majority of personal computers run windows, Microsoft never had the upper hand in the smartphone market and understandably the company has shifted its focus towards improving desktop operating system and other related areas. However, the company didn’t shut down the division up until now and the financial report of last year shows that the company’s smartphone business has been a major disappointment. Consequently, Microsoft has finally decided to shut down its smartphone business and the procedure will be completed by the end of the fiscal year.

This confirmation comes shortly after Microsoft’s CFO Amy Hood revealed the company’s financial results earlier this week which showed that the company has experienced negligible revenue from the smartphone business. The revenue was so insignificant that the company didn’t even included its financial results from the mobile phone devices in the final financial report.

If you are following the current trends, then you might not be surprised as users don’t have significant interest towards windows mobile phones. Following its separation from Nokia, Microsoft haven’t released any new device and right now, Windows phones represents only .3 percent of the total smartphones around the world.

Although the company is shutting down its mobiles, it won’t affect the software rollout as the company is expected to provide software update for smartphone users. Earlier last month for example, the company rolled out its mobile version Windows 10 Creators Update. Despite that, the service is only expected to run for few more years before shutting all services completely unless Microsoft comes up with some mind blowing idea to take market share from competitors like Google and Apple who are providing much superior services.

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