Messenger Lite Launches in 132 More Countries

Facebook Messenger adds live location sharing Feature

Facebook previously launched its lite version of official app targeted towards users with slow internet connection. Few months earlier, the company introduced lite version of its popular messenger that uses low memory and processor in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. Earlier today, the company announced global expansion for the Messenger Lite in 132 new countries in addition to the countries mentioned earlier.

This might be another step by the company to take on Snapchat which is more focused towards videos and augmented photography that relies on cloud processing to add masks, filters, and other real-time effects. As a result, Snapchat isn’t a viable option for smartphone users outside of US as most users outside US experience slower network connection. However, recent addition of Lite version of Facebook’s messenger app means that the company will soon add Snapchat like feature to the app since Facebook earlier announced that they are adding several features including reactions geo-filters and several subtle camera effects to the Facebook Lite which means Messenger Lite is also getting same features in the coming weeks.

With its massive userbase, Facebook’s app’s number of users can grow significantly faster which was proven by earlier reports that Facebook Lite has surpassed 200 million users back in February. Although the company might not have significant effect in the US market with the Lite version of Messenger, it can add more users to Facebook’s networks with a lighter alternative in developing countries which will ultimately lead to increased number of users. However, we will have to wait and see if the latest release will have significant impact on Snapchat in the coming months as the app gets enhancements.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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