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Melissa Benoist to join Waco

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Melissa Benoist has been a revelation as the Supergirl and the actress is set to join Julia Garner to star in a miniseries based on true events called Waco that is set to premier next year.

The upcoming miniseries will tell the story about the 1993 raid by the FBI and ATF on the compound of The Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. The series will recount the story from the characters’ viewpoint as the event saw 77 people losing their lives during the raid.

Melissa Benoist will play the role of Rachel Koresh, wife David Koresh, a cult leader who died during the raid. On the other hand, Julia Garner will reprise the role of Rachel as all of these characters will share the same fate. Both of these actresses are clearly excellent additions to the miniseries that is set to air on Paramount network early in 2018.

As there are so many different sides of the story, this series might shed new lights on the event. However, as the series nearly 9 months away, it will be a long wait before we know a lot about the upcoming series.

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