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MacBook Pro 2016 Faces new Complains

After its introduction last year, Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 attracted a lot of criticisms due to lack of ports and battery life even though the battery issue of the laptop was fixed later. However, it seems that the laptop has a new problem as some MacBook Pro users are complaining that there’s a popping sound coming from the laptop when used under heavy load.

Majority of the users have complained that the sound starts when the laptop is put under heavy workload related to gaming or video streaming. Most of these complains are coming from 15-inch MacBook Pro users as the laptop has bigger screen and bit heavier compared to other models.

When a user went to Apple’s servicing center to fix the issue, he was charged $130 in repair fee but the sound still persists as the user said, “I took my laptop in to the genius bar for this popping noise. They said it is caused by this small dent on the bottom casing hitting the fan. They told me I had to replace the entire bottom casing for $130. Not covered under warranty because it’s user inflicted damage / a wearable part.”

While the user still experienced the sound after fixing the laptop in servicing center, another user had the laptop’s entire top case replaced by Apple and still experienced same issue. Hopefully, the company will soon confirm the cause of the problem and fix it.

Featured Image: Pexel

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