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Jay Z Takes down Most of His Music from Spotify

Although Jay Z launched his subscription based music service Tidal more than 3 years earlier, so far artists’ songs were available in other popular music streaming services like Spotify. However, he has decided to remove a large number of albums from the platform although tidal is struggling to keep up with the competitions provided by Spotify and Apple music.

Despite its initial launch nearly 3 years earlier, the platform has small amount of monthly users. The subscription based service provides high-fidelity sound as the major selling point but as other networks such as Spotify (50 million) and Apple Music (20 Million) have much higher amount of user base, it’s not a surprise that the company actually struggling to gain momentum in mainstream music streaming industry. Earlier in January, the company sold 33 percent of its stake to Sprint for $200 million to give it access to Sprint’s 45 million users. Despite that, Tidal is struggling to gain attention from the music lovers for its service.

Although he removed songs from Spotify, Jay Z’s songs are still available on both Apple Music and iTunes. However, it won’t be surprising if he decides to remove the songs from Apple Music and iTunes as well in the coming days.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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