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Intel Cancels Its Annual Developer Forum Event

Over last couple of years, PC sales figures have gone down significantly and as the technology world moves on, Intel has decided to stop its annual Developer Forum events. This announcement comes after the company confirmed earlier this year that they are not going to hold a conference in China and the conference which was scheduled for August later this year in San Francisco, is also cancelled.

Over the years, the company has used this event to introduce groundbreaking technologies. However, in recent years, technological progress has slowed down and Intel has experienced delays in manufacturing process and rollouts of new chips. Closing down this event means that earlier rumors of similar events is still non-existent and we will have to wait to hear back from the company.

Talking about the changes, the company said that as Intel is moving on from its traditional PC centric productions, such events do not hold importance as it did years back. For example, over last couple of years, the company has introduced a wider range of products including FPGAs, Optane storage, Internet-of-Things microcontrollers, wireless communications, and more. The company mentioned that they are planning on moving towards more focused but smaller events to introduce new technologies.

This might come as a disappointment for you if you are a fan of the event where you could meet experts from different field. However, the company is expected to announce similar events later.

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