Instagram Now Has 700 Million Users

Although Facebook has several pretty big products and services that have more than a billion users, Instagram has been falling behind for quite a while as its growth has slowed down. Recently, Instagram introduced several features to attract new users and it seems that the company has managed to gain momentum as earlier today, the company announced that they now have a total of 700 million users worldwide.

The confirmation comes from an official blog post by the company. Although the company didn’t reveal any significant detail regarding the users, officials confirmed that the photosharing service managed to gain its 100 million users in record time. As the company is taking several features from Snapchat over the last couple of months, it might have made a significant difference in user numbers.

Despite its seemingly slow growth, the company has managed to bring more users into the platform which means the company’s growth is far from over and it will continue to grow in the coming years. However, given its limited functionality compared to other social networking services, it might struggle to capture audiences as Facebook and WhatsApp managed to do so effectively over the past. However, 700 million users is no small feat for a service as the company is edging closer to reaching coveted 1 billion users worldwide.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Webster2703

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