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Hyundai Executive Talks About Future of Eco-friendly Cars

Hyundai Motor Group is currently planning on becoming world’s second largest eco-car makers behind its Japanese rival Toyota Motor Corporation. That goal is largely dependent on the innovation in battery related technology and the automaker’s senior vice president Lee Ki-sang has said that there might be a technological revolution that will make it obvious if there is a post-lithium ion battery is on the horizon. He said that if such innovation does come earlier, the group will decide accordingly and move rapidly towards electric cars.

Although the company’s eco cars currently make roughly 2.5 percent of the global sales shipments of the Company, he mentioned that the number might rise between 20 to 40 percent if the company moves towards ecofriendly option. He said, “If a really new, next-generation battery appears, like magic, around 2025, then the market share of electric vehicles will go from 20 to 30 percent to 80 to 90 percent of the whole market.”

He said that he is expecting there might be improved technology beyond this decade and manufacturers will be able to produce batteries with higher capacity. He said, “The problem is nobody can ensure the real possibility of building that kind of new battery technology.”

“Everybody is announcing, ‘We are developing it.’ But to prepare a production line and to validate and to apply it to the vehicle, it will take some more time.”

“I can see some meaningful signal around 2020; that’s my hope. Based on that meaningful signal, we have to modify our future plan. It can be a kind of turning point.”

He also said that solid state batteries are closest to reality, we might have to wait longer to get our first glimpse at the technology. He added, “Solid-state batteries are closest to realistic mass production. We think solid-state batteries will be a strong candidate.”

Whatever happens, eco-friendly cars are becoming more popular among consumers and manufacturers are shifting their focus towards the eco-friendly options. If technological innovation does come earlier than expected, manufacturers are likely to shift their focus to produce environment friendly cars.

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