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Google’s AlphaGo AI to Go up Against Ke Jie

Google’s AlphaGo AI to Go up Against Ke Jie

Source : Pixabay/KoLa

Last year, Google’s DeepMind surprised the world as its AlphaGo AI beat Go legend Lee Se-dol 4-1 in a five-game match that showcased the increasing AI innovation. However, given that Ke Jie, a Chinese chess player ranked number 1 worldwide now, he will have his showdown with DeepMind’s AI.

Since the first victory, AlphaGo managed to win some unofficial matches against Ke. However, as the upcoming showdown will include a variety of different situations, it will give insight on how the AI decides on different problems. DeepMind’s CEO is pretty excited about the development and impact the AI had over the years.

He said, “Instead of diminishing the game, as some feared, artificial intelligence has actually made human players stronger and more creative. It’s humbling to see how pros and amateurs alike, who have pored over every detail of AlphaGo’s innovative game play, have actually learned new knowledge and strategies about perhaps the most studied and contemplated game in history. Clearly, there remains much more to learn from this partnership between Go’s best human players and its most creative A.I. competitor.”

The Future of Go Summit is a collaboration between the China Go Association, Google, and the Chinese government. The summit will take place between May 23rd and May 27th as it will showcase development of the technology in recent months.

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