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Google is Testing New Method of Testing in Chrome for Android

According to a latest report from VentureBeat (https://venturebeat.com/2017/04/21/google-is-testing-copyless-paste-in-chrome-for-android-gives-text-suggestions-in-other-apps/), Google is working on introducing a feature in Chrome that would enable users to implement copyless paste method.

The report indicated that the tech giant has started working on the feature back in February and is likely to release the feature completely for Chrome 60 for Android. The feature is likely to work based on context and given that Android O due this year, the company might introduce the feature with the operating system which will make other apps compatible with the new method.

However, as of now, the method is yet to work although the description found in the code’s description mentions how it will work with the apps. The description says, “If you looked at a restaurant website and switched to the Maps app, the keyboard would offer the name of that restaurant as a suggestion to enter into the search bar.”

We might need to wait bit longer before it works completely as it doesn’t seem to work on Incognito mode for chrome which is understandable since the incognito mode is set to hide your history and preferences. Moreover, it might not support older versions of Android OS as the operating system is likely to get more sophisticated in the coming years. We are likely to hear from the company in the coming weeks regarding the new feature.

Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt

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