GM Wants To Add 10 Electric Car Models in China By 2020

As concept of electric cars becoming increasingly popular, more automakers are joining the market to produce electric cars. Although we are set to wait for a long time before the electric cars become commonplace, we are certainly heading into the right direction and one of the biggest automakers, General Motors, have announced its plans to launch 10 electric and hybrid models by 2020.

During a news conference, President of Gm said that they are expecting sell 150,000 electric and hybrid cars in China by 2020 and more than 500,000 by 2025.

This announcement comes after the there’re increased amount of pressure from Beijing on the automakers regarding the production of electric vehicles. Earlier on Tuesday, GM unveiled a hybrid version of the Chevrolet Volt to be manufactured in China and sold under its Buick brand.

Talking about the business plan regarding the manufacturing process of electric cars, GM president Matt Tsien said, “In the next several years, out to 2020, we expect to launch at least 10 new energy vehicles into the marketplace. We have a pipeline that is going to materialize, that’s going to put us in a very good position from a fuel economy requirement perspective.”

“We have no concerns relative to the amount of IP that has to be shared. We have a fairly clear understanding of what the rules of engagement are. For vehicles where General Motors owns the IP, we have had longstanding technology licensing agreements with our partner. Those work effectively.”

Given that electric cars are exempted from sales tax and license plate quotas in Beijing, we are more than likely to see rise the number of sales in the coming years. Recently though, electric cars’ shipment in the region slowed down and Tsien said that manufacturers need to produce appealing models to consumers to improve the sales figure. He said, “The industry has to work on very hard to educate customers with regard to the merits,”

Whatever happens though, it’s pretty sure thing that the electric vehicles will become commonplace sometime in future. It’s refreshing to see that the companies are making positive move towards that goal.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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