Ford Mustang Becomes World’s Best Selling Sports Cars of 2016

Ford’s Mustang remains to be one of the most affordable sports cars at present and the company’s decision to expand its market has seemingly paid off as the car has been named as the bestselling sports car in the world in 2016.

This revelation comes according to IHS Markit global automotive registration data in the sports car segment. According to the data, more than 150,000 mustang were sold last year which meant an increment of 6 percent compared to 2016. Out of the total sold vehicles, more than 45,000 units were sold outside of United States which represents a whopping 101 percent increase in international market.

Although the car is now sold in 140 countries, the company is planning on adding six more countries to the list including countries like Brazil, the Palau Islands and the Ivory Coast. When the company started to export the cars in other countries back in 2015, nearly 100,000 units were shipped outside the United States.

The sales figures are likely to go higher considering the company has announced its decision to revise its engine line-up along with new aesthetic upgrades.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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