How The Flash Is Planning on Moving into Season 4

Flash’s Co-Runner Talks about Savitar

This year, The Flash is performing pretty well in the small screen although Savitar’s identity has been pushed around for too long. As the season 3 of the popular series in coming to a close in next couple of weeks, fans are already wondering how the next season will turn out. It seems though, the finale of season 3 will leave us with major cliffhanger which then will directly lead to next season.

According to a latest report by TVLine, the season finale will definitely close the current story arc with Barry will most likely to defeat the big bad of season 3. However, the season will close with more complex problems as Barry will need to dive into next season to face even bigger problems.

While it’s certainly not surprising as all of the previous seasons had finished with cliffhangers that led to current events of the show. With Barry running into future to find out Savitar’s true identity on Tonight’s episode, hopefully fans won’t need to wait even further to find out the identity of the main villain as most of us are already tired of waiting for unexpectedly long period of time.

As the report suggested, the events from tonight’s episode might well lay down the future of the show as it’s expected that The Thinker will come out as the main villain for the show for next season. As off now, we can’t do much except to wait and see how the showrunners are planning on revealing the identity of Savitar.

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