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Fear The Walking Dead has Been Renewed for Season 4

AMC has decided to renew Fear the Walking Dead for another season with more actions from the narrative is coming in your way. However, the studio has decided to go through some major shakeups before the next season airs.

Earlier, reports confirmed that co-creator of the show Dave Erickson will leave the show. However, as the series just got another season, the studio has confirmed that they will be bringing Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, who are responsible for writing and producing another hit Television series with Once Upon a Time. With other notable works like Dollhouse, Vampire Diaries, Spartacus between the duo, it’s certainly worth noting that their works in the series will be widely accepted by fans.

Apart from them, Scott Gimple is also joining the team as an executive producer as he will be providing guidance on how the show is crafted for the audiences. As the Waking Dead still remains one of the biggest television series, Scott Gimple is certainly a welcome addition to the show. However, we don’t know for sure how the storyline will turnout in the coming seasons.

We will have to wait and see how the new writers decide to move on with the show as Scott Gimple will certainly provide direct insight into how the stories would go forward. As everyone involved with the show has been denying possibility of any kind of crossover in the recent years, it’ll be worthwhile to see how the show turns out in the next few seasons as Fear the Walking Dead’s returns this June.

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