Fall Out Boy Talk about the New Album

Earlier this week, Fall Out Boy announced that they are working on a collection of different materials ahead of the upcoming release of their seventh studio album ‘M A N I A’. During the announcement, they also launched their new single ‘Young And Menace’.

With the latest single, the band proved that they can change and adapt to create different music which can still satisfy fans’ need.

While there is a lot of expectations, they are most likely to deliver. However, one of the band members said that the album isn’t finished yet. Talking to NME, Pete Wentz said, “The album is not finished. We’re about halfway done. But songs like ‘Young And Menace’ are the furthest left, like you know – the wildest part of the album. The song will make sense on the album and the album is like – we’ve updated the software since the last album, so I think the album will sound different to people.”

“People are always asking us to respond on what’s going on in the world and in America, and we’ve never been one of those bands that shoved our views down people’s throats, but I think everyone kinda knows our political views. I think the personal and the political are so intensely tied now. I think that like it starts out like a euphoric feeling and then it kinda tidal waves into people not sleeping, manic behavior, and violence. And I think that’s where we are, you know.”


It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to bring new material with so many different contents already under their belt. However, in order to find out, we have to wait a bit longer as ‘M A N I A’ is set to get worldwide release on September 15, 2017.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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