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Facebook Is Working on Helicopter Drone to Restore Internet during Disasters

Image: Pixabay/Powie

In recent years, Facebook introduced some of the most innovative ways to make communication easier. Yesterday, the company added another feather to the company’s achievement as Facebook introduced “Tether-tenna” which can restore internet for several weeks during events of natural disasters.

The helicopter gets its power from the tether and as a result, the drone can stay in the air for several weeks. The company is currently working on this idea to use the technology and restore internet connections in case of prolonged internet outage. However, in order to achieve that, the fiber and electricity lines of the affected areas need to be accessible in order to provide connectivity while the affected infrastructures are fixed.

The head of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab Yael Maguire said, “This is still in the early stages of development and lots of work is needed to ensure that it will be able operate autonomously for months at a time, but we’re excited about the progress so far.” Which means that we will have to wait longer to see how much it can help at the times of disasters. Moreover, during the conference, he confirmed that the drone hasn’t operated for more than 24 hours and there are several issues need to be addressed before we see it in operation.

This isn’t new approach for the company given that it managed to develop and get it up in the air earlier last year. Although the drone crashed, it indicates that the company is planning on introducing similar innovative products to make internet connectivity easier. We will have to wait and see what happens next.

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