Facebook Is Testing a New Feature to Combat Fake News Problem

Facebook’s fake news problem has been a major discussing point over the last couple of months and now, the company is testing a new feature to combat the issue. The new feature gives users an alternative perspectives before they decided to read an article through “related articles” which will pull up relevant contents for the users.

The company is hoping that in this way users will have absolute idea regarding their interest as in an official statement, the company said, “These additional articles, which appear for topics many people are talking about on Facebook, will appear in a unit below the link. That should provide people easier access to additional perspectives and information, including articles by third-party fact-checkers.”

Since flagging false stories is highly time consuming and relatively difficult for a company like this, this new feature could potentially combat fake news effectively by giving users alternative choices to see if information provided in the Articles are accurate. As a result, it might give users better understanding of articles before sharing them with friends.

While it’s definitely a welcome move, the company is still far away from completely abolishing the fake news problem. Since the platform has now given a better opportunity to fake news, users of Facebook should be more careful in order to prevent the network from spreading false information to its users.

Featured Image: Pixabay/ElisaRiva

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