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Dolph Lundgren Will Play King Nereus in Aquaman

Production for Aquaman is set to start next month and earlier today, it was reported that Dolph Lundgren has signed a deal to reprise the role of King Nereus in the standalone movie. Although it’s still unknown if the character will be the major villain character, it’s obvious that his character will come against the title character.

As the character is pretty recent, there isn’t significant details as off now except that he plans on killing Aquaman. In the comics, the character possess the power to manipulate water in any way to use it as solid weapon. Therefore, it’s likely that we will see those feats during the movie.

Although there hasn’t been any significant detail regarding the upcoming movie, it’s expected that the movie will be based on New 52 Storyline rather than the traditional comics. As a result, it will be interesting to see how the story spans out as Will Beall is a pretty decent storyteller when it comes to movies.

The actor made his debut back in 1985 with a Bond movie but later became widely famous for his role as Ivan Dragon in Rocky IV. He is currently playing the role of Konstantin Kovar in the popular CW series Arrow.

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