Court Orders to Stop Collecting Users’ WhatsApp Data without Consent

Last year, WhatsApp changed its terms and privacy policy to give Facebook access to users’ data to improved ad targeting and suggestions. However, users could still opt out of the service if they would scroll all the way down to select the option. Despite that, Facebook still transferred data from WhatsApp to Facebook.

Understandably, next month the Hamburg data-protection authority ordered Facebook to stop its collection and delete the already collected data since the company didn’t ask for users’ genuine consent before collecting data. The social networking giant appealed against the order but earlier on Tuesday, it suffered some serious setbacks as the court has refused to change the previous order which means Facebook won’t be able to transfer data for its massive 35 million German Users.

Hamburg data-protection commissioner Johannes Caspar said, “This is good news for the many millions of people who use the WhatsApp messenger service in Germany every day. They are not defenseless.”

However, the court changed the previous ruling slightly as it said that the social media isn’t required to delete the already collected data which means the company can hold off the data for now.

Featured Image: Pixabay/HeikoAL

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