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China and Europe Might Build a “Moon Village” in Future

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Although over last couple of years, scientists have shared their plans to go back to the moon and establish an outpost there, such plans are still years away from becoming realities. No matter what happens, collaborations are essential if we are interested in achieving such feat and recently, China National Space Administration and European Space Agency have mentioned plans to work together to create a Moon village by 2020s.

Earlier today, ESA’s head of media relations confirmed the news via Associated Press which noted, “The Chinese have a very ambitious moon program already in place. Space has changed since the space race of the ’60s. We recognize that to explore space for peaceful purposes, we do [need] international cooperation.”

This can be considered pretty old news as the ESA, NASA, and Roscosmos had entered into talks about the possibility of creating a lunar base together back in 2012. If such plans come into fruition, then it would mark a significant achievement in human history as research in low g and extra-terrestrial environment would inevitably help scientists to understand different phenomenon of space.

Before the planned mission though, the CNSA is planning on a sample return mission to the moon by the end of this year before conducting more missions at future dates.

Featured Image: NASA

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