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Canceled Nokia Smartphone Prototype Revealed on Twitter

After its acquisition of Nokia back in 2014, Microsoft canceled a variety of devices and one of the reasons Nokia became archaic was Microsoft’s desire to produce Nokia smartphone with windows operating system when most of the popular smartphone makers today chose to stick with Android. Although Nokia launched its Android powered smartphone recently, it might take some time before the company catches up with the market but earlier today, images of a leaked smartphone was released on Twitter that features one of the most stunning designs for smartphones.

The images leaked via Twitter features a smartphone with really slim bezel and without a front facing camera. Interestingly, the rear camera doesn’t feature flash, one of the most essential features of modern day smartphone camera. However, the smartphone was likely targeted towards lower end of the market as the smartphone featured same screen as Lumia 430/435. However, the device was supposed to feature HD screen.

Despite we won’t know for sure what other specifications the leaked device would have, there’s no point in regretting over past as Microsoft has decided to cut off its support for Windows smartphones and Nokia has made a decent comeback to the market. However, the question will always remain, what would happen if the company decided to produce Android powered smartphones earlier with similar designs.

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