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Apple Might Add Auto-Adjusting Display in iPhone 8

According to several research notes from investment bank Barclays, Apple’s True Tone display is coming to the most recent versions of the iPhones. As the notes include tips from analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo, these reports might predict the future perfectly.

As of now, the true Tone display is only available on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro that works similarly to the white-balance-compensating system found in the iPhone’s camera flash. The technology allows iPad to set its screen brightness and the intensity of required white light to make the screen more readable. As you need different percentage of the whites, this feature had made the iPad more user friendly and above mentioned reports has suggested that the feature is coming to the iPhone as well.

If you spend solid amount of time outside in the daylight, you might be familiar with the problems faced by modern smartphones as you need to adjust display manually all the time. However, with the feature, your iPhone will automatically change the brightness. This feature is pretty similar to Night Shift, another iOS and MacOS feature designed to reduce the amount of blue light you see during the evening hours.

Barclays also claim that the feature will be available for all of the three modern iPhone models. However, as the report didn’t include the potential timeline for the features availability, you might need to wait a long time before you can get the chance to use the feature.

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