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AOL to Distribute Original Video Content Commercially on Twitter

In an attempt to make the company’s video advertising business bigger, AOL UK is distributing its original video content commercially through Twitter. With the newly signed deal, advertisers now will be able to sponsor or run pre-roll ads with the companies AOL UK owns and retarget those audiences on twitter.

Talking about the program, AOL UK’s senior director of video and branded content, Mark Melling said, “It is a partnership which leverages what we see as each of the company’s core strengths. We leverage the ability to access content at scale. We get to access their ability to distribute content at scale through one of the top social platforms, for Twitter it is to access some the best in class digital video content being produced in the UK right now.”

“What it means for the future of what we are doing, is we can start creating bespoke content for Twitter and for other social platforms that can be launched and monetized in real-time. We can leverage our brands such as the Huffington Post to create bespoke video packages specifically created for social platforms. That expands our ability to make digital video content at scale.”

“It ties into being able to create premium digital video content and looking for ways to scale out that offering, to the point where we can drive the same number of views as television.”

Whether the company manages to gain decent results from the microblogging platform or not is remain to be seen. But, with Twitter struggling to keep itself attractive to users, it might be time the company decides on different paths to keep itself attractive to advertisers. And this deal with AOL UK certainly predicts where Twitter is moving in the coming months.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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