AAA Starts Its Car Sharing Service

Even few years earlier, car sharing business would be considered impossible as at the time similar services were virtually nonexistent. However, in recent years, Uber has managed to attract a lot of attention aside from other car sharing services like Zip. As a result, more startups are currently focusing towards starting their own car sharing service. Few months earlier, AAA teased a similar service and finally the company has launched its app-centric car sharing service in Berkeley and Oakland.

While there are many similar car sharing services, the main catch of the service comes from another interesting feature to drop off the car at a public place. For example, the rate of the service is pretty competitive as the rate starts from just $2.50 per mile and goes up to $85 per day. However, with other car sharing services, you are required to drop the car at a given place. With the newly launched service, you can get off that hassle since you will have ability to drop the car off at any public parking space. As a result, if you are not interested in ending your trip in a premature location, you can use the service to stop closer to your destination.

Although the company is far from making a large scale debut, it’s certainly an interesting idea to give users more control over the car and their destination. If the initial move goes well, the company is planning on expanding the service to other locations. Such move might be a long time away but since Uber became plagued with several complaints over the last few months, it might be worthwhile to see how the new service turns out at a later date.

Featured Image: Pixabay/kenny

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