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TLC Is Bringing Back Trading Spaces

Earlier today, TLC has confirmed that the network is bringing back home renovation show Trading Spaces to small screen. However, there hasn’t been significant details regarding the show and its unknown who will return to the show. The network announced the show in a presentation that also revealed a number of upcoming changes to the network.

In case you didn’t know, the show is still one of the biggest reality show aired by the network as it created a market for renovation based television shows. In past, the shows episodes featured two sets of neighbors who would make changes to each other’s houses without any kind of input within a limited budget of $1000. As the popularity of the show grew, the number of members of a team was increased from two to three with increased budget of $2000. While the changes made weren’t always welcomed by others, it still managed to attract the audiences due to its fresh nature. Stay tuned to receive more news about the show in the coming days.

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