Sony Invented a New Way to Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone

Although we have seen wireless charging devices over the years, we have to wait a long period of time before the wireless charging becomes available to everyone. As wireless charging technology might become a common trend, Sony is preparing for the future with a new discovery that enables users to recharge smartphone batteries by using the technology.

The patent was filed few weeks earlier and it describes a system where two devices can share power using Near Field Communication technology. Such technology can be used in any devices that requires charging and if the technology becomes viable, then it would surely fix charging related problems that bothers users of modern technology.

However, in order to use the technology, both of the devices will need NFC antenna for power transfer and devices will work similarly to the current wi-fi hotspot. Despite the possibility, the technology isn’t known for its ability to transfer power and it might be possible that the company is planning ahead in case there is a possible change to the situation in future.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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