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MSI Launches Console Sized Gaming PC

Last couple of years have seen a number of computer manufacturer including MSI releasing console sized computers as they released Trident gaming computer earlier last year. Following the success of the release from last year, MSI announced follow-up called Trident 3 which are about same size as the Xbox or Playstation consoles but inside, you will get fully fledged gaming PCs with updated Kaby Lake processors rather than the Skylake processors.

This week, the company also announced a new model called Trident 3 Arctic white model that is little bit brighter compared to the standard black version. The newly announced model features Intel Core i7-7700 quad-core processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics, 16GB of RAM, a 256GB solid state drive, and a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. However, the model isn’t available immediately but you won’t need to wait for too long as the model should be available for purchase starting from the April. While the model can be relatively expensive, the company also offers a cheaper alternative as the traditional black model can be configured according to your budget and need. For example, the cheapest one with Core i5 processor, 8 GB of Ram and 1 TB of HDD will need you to spare $900 to afford the cheapest model from the Trident Series. Besides that another model comes with core i7 processor, 8GB of Ram, 128 GB SSD and 1TB primary HDD which will cost $1100 and the last of the series features Core i7 processor, 16BG of RAM, 256 GB of SSD and 1TB of HDD which has a reasonable $1300 price tag. All of the computers are same size as the computer’s case measures about 13.6″ x 9.2″ x 2.8″ and the PC features a USB 3.1 Type-C port, three full-sized USB 3.1 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, two HDMI outputs and one HDMI input, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Except the Artic white model, you can get the other models immediately from different retailers including Amazon, B&H, Newegg and Walmart.

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