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Google’s Pixel Is Facing Another Bug

Over a long period of time, Google was happy with letting companies like Samsung, Sony or HTC to shape the Android smartphone experience. However, when the company released its much anticipated Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone back in last October, the company made immediate impact on the smartphone market as both of the phones are still pretty hard to get hand on. Despite that, users had mixed experiences with the Company’s smartphone and recently, Google admitted that a number of Pixel devices have faulty microphones incapable of recording audio.

In recent comment on Google’s support forums, Brian Rakowski — a VP of Product Management at Google explained that the problem is a hardware related issue and cannot be fixed with a software update as he said,

“We are taking additional steps to qualify refurbished phones to make sure they don’t have this mic problem. It’s possible that some replacement phones were not properly qualified before we understood this issue, but that’s no longer the case.”

He added, “Also, we have been taking additional steps to reinforce the connection at time of manufacture on phones built since January,” Rakowski added. “Phones manufactured in the last month should not have this problem. For phones manufactured before then, the incidence of the problem is <<1%. I know this thread makes it seem much more prevalent, but there is a selection bias at work here.”

However, this is far from the first time Pixel owners have voiced complaints about the device as few months earlier a number of Pixel owners were beset by a wide range of software issues, including faulty alarms, the inability to play music and the inability to make or receive calls. Despite that, given that the devices managed to attract a lot of consumer with their superior performances, Google is likely to fix the problems in the later dates and hopefully consumers will get better Android experiences with smartphones produced by the makers of the operating system.

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