World War Z 2 Gets Delayed Indefinitely

image: Flickr/Sue Lukenbaugh

Due to the box office success of World War Z back in 2013, it was no surprise that the movie was set to get a sequel. However, we didn’t hear about any production development for a long time now and it was inevitable that the movie would be delayed. However, as of now, the movie is set to get a long delay if the movie gets a release at all.

The original World War Z movie made a global box office collection of $540 million and the movie was set to arrive on theater this June. However, the shooting is yet to begin which resulted in inevitable delay. While some studio insiders have claimed that the movie is set for a 2018 or 2019 release, Paramount is yet to reveal any information to confirm the matter.

If the movie was going to get a June 2017 release, it would open against a very similar The Mummy. We just have to wait and see how The Mummy performs in the box office given that this year is packed with a large number of highly anticipated movies.

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