Why Season 11 Of The Big Bang Theory Is Looking More and More Likely

Why Season 11 Of The Big Bang Theory Is Looking More And More Likely

Why Season 11 Of The Big Bang Theory Is Looking More And More Likely

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While The Big Bang Theory has run nearly a decade, the ratings are still strong and it will be surprising if the show didn’t get another season. However, there hasn’t been any good news regarding the future of the show for a long period of time and fans are already wondering what will happen beyond season 10. However, it seems that that everyone involved in the show is quiet excited despite lack of good news and casts of the show are interested in doing the show in future. In a recent interview, Jim Parsons confirmed it as he said,”Not official light but I know that everybody wants to. Everybody wants to, so I’d be shocked if that didn’t happen.”

The negotiations for the season renewal with the cast have been underway for a quite a while and we are likely to hear about the future of the show pretty soon. Despite the lack of news, the series is more than likely to get a new season given that other cast members are extremely positive regarding the future of the. Nearly a year earlier, Kaley Cuoco was confident that the show is likely to continue in the coming years. While Kunal Nayyar was less sure about the show in the past, comments from Jim Parsons indicate that whole group is interested in doing more seasons.

In addition to the cast members, officials of CBS are positive about the future as recently CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller said that the contract negotiations were “business as usual” and that they were “guardedly optimistic” for more seasons, which seems to be network-speak for “things are looking at least fairly good.”

It will be highly surprising if the show goes off air given the show is still popular among fans and in the world of television, such shows are considered to be sure thing given the huge following. However, it is unknown for how long the show will continue but we are more than likely to receive confirmation regarding the show pretty soon.

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