Netflix HDR Support For Smartphones Arrives With LG G6

Netflix is easily on of the world’s largest video streaming services and with continuous improvements, the company is growing bigger with each passing year. However, with smartphones’ widespread popularity, many subscribers were wondering when the company is planning on bringing much anticipated HDR streaming to the smartphones. If you are one of these consumers, then you will be glad to know that the company will start supporting HDR streams for smartphones beginning with LG G6.

The announcement came during a Mobile World Congress event at Barcelona as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, “Starting with the LG G6 phones that support both Dolby Vision and HDR 10 streams, Netflix would be supporting HDR on mobile devices.”

The company started to offer HDR streaming quite a while ago but in order to experience the enhanced visual quality, users were needed to buy a television that supported HDR. As HDR supported televisions are still quite expensive to afford and since LG G6 comes with HDR, it’s a shrewd move from the company to offer HDR service for consumers so that they don’t need to buy an expensive television to experience the different visual quality.

During the event, Hastings also confirmed that Netflix is currently working on better encoding technology that will provide better streaming quality but less bandwidth usage. He said, “Netflix will soon roll out new video encodes for mobile devices, providing someone who has an extremely poor internet connection watching on a cell network something that once was considered impossible.”

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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