Microsoft Adds Touch Bar Support for Office Software

Weeks after Microsoft opened beta access for its touchbar support for Microsoft Office, the company has officially rolled out support for all users of MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

In an official blog statement, the company said, “Through the Touch Bar, Office intelligently puts the most common commands at your fingertips—all based on what you’re doing in the document.”

As a result of the update, users of Microsoft Word will get a new mode that will hide all the ribbons and other control items at the top of the window so that you can focus on work. Moreover, Formatting tools are instead displayed on the Touch Bar, as are buttons for inserting comments, photos and hyperlinks.

Additionally, PowerPoint users will now have easier time to work with the program as the company noted that a graphical map will show all slide layers, making it easier to find individual parts of the presentation.

However, Microsoft Excel isn’t getting a lot of upgrade from the Touch Bar support as the company said, “Typing an equals sign into a cell in Excel immediately pulls up the most recently used functions in the Touch Bar.

“For example, with a tap (for the formula) and another tap (for a named range) in the Touch Bar, you can quickly sum a range in your spreadsheet. The Touch Bar also provides quick access to borders, cell colors and recommended charts—making it easier than ever to organize and visualize your data.”

Additionally, Outlook and Skype is also getting Touch Bar support for better user experience.

Featured Image: Pixabay/AlexBor

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