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Lenovo Introduces its Android Laptop

Over last couple of years, relatively cheaper Chromebooks have started to compete with Windows PCs as an alternative option for budget consumers. In already declining PC market, windows have found themselves another competitor with Android 2-in-1 as Lenovo has launched another 2-in-1 laptop.

Last year, Lenovo introduced an Android powered Yoga Book to challenge the notion that Android can only be served as a mobile operating system. This year, the company has decided to launch another similar laptop for just under $300 to serve budget the needs of budget consumers.

Lenovo’s Yoga series is popular among consumers for the combinations of portability and power. The new model isn’t so much different as the A12 comes with an attached keyboard that can be folded behind the screen to serve as a tablet. While last year’s Yoga Book was relatively expensive, this year Lenovo has made the laptop more affordable with little bit of sacrifices for the specifications.

Lenovo has released the laptop to challenge the premium windows Ultrabooks as A12 offers up to 13 hours of battery life and lighter than most of the laptops in the market.

Despite portability, the Android powered device suffers from lack of most popular ports which are given for a basic laptop. However, the laptop is targeted towards lower end market with Intel’s Atom processor, lower screen resolution as well as limited warranty. However, given that the company is trying to compete with already popular windows machines, it would benefit the company if they released the laptop with standard ports and moderately better specifications.

Despite lack of power, A12 is cheaper alternative for other Android tablet/laptop hybrid as the Pixel C and the Keyboard sell together for nearly double of A12’s price tag.


You can buy Lenovo A12 from the official Lenovo website starting from 8th of February.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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