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Last Jedi Has Screened, Disney CEO Praises Star Wars 8

image: Flickr/othree

After Disney and Lucasfilm announced the official title for Star Wars 8 few weeks earlier, we started long wait to receive further details of the upcoming movie. However, we didn’t get anything so far as the studio opted out to showcase some footage during the Super Bowl. However, recently Disney CEO Bob Iger has already seen the entire movie and praised the movie so far.

In a recent tweet, journalist Hannah Samson has revealed that Bob Iger has seen the movie as she said, “Perk of being @WaltDisneyCo CEO: seeing The Last Jedi early. Bob Iger calls it ‘a great next chapter in the iconic Skywalker family saga.'”

While we shouldn’t take anything for granted from the CEO of the studio himself, the premise of the movie is pretty exciting and with the Rogue One’s success, the wait will be pretty long to see what happens next in the next main storyline. However, given that the official release is quiet far away, there should be at least one last cut of the movie. Moreover, it’s likely that the studio have decided to reveal the trailer of the upcoming movie in next April during Star Wars event. Regardless of what happens during the events of the Star Wars celebration, we have to wait a long time before we see the actual movie. Despite that, with so many great movies lined up for the year, the wait shouldn’t seem too long. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set for release on December 15th of this year.

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