iPhone 8 Might Feature Foldable OLED Screen

It is old news that Apple will introduce OLED screen in company’s much anticipated iPhone 8 release and new rumors have surfaced on internet claiming that the company will go extra mile and introduce foldable screen. Earlier, rumors claimed that Samsung and LG is working on bringing foldable smartphones by the end of this year. However, they are likely to supplement other releases as officials mentioned earlier that the foldable screen is not as cost efficient as they would like. Despite that, new documents has come to light to suggest that Apple is currently working on its own foldable iPhone.

According to a new patent filed by Apple has noted a description of a phone that can be folded using a fabric housing and flexible display. A description parallel to the descriptions of the devices Samsung and LG is rumored to release this year.

The concept of the devices is pretty simple as the smartphones can be fold out to function as a tablet. The patent also notes the inclusion of light emitting diodes that confirms that the company is moving towards OLED screen. However, we might have to wait for the foldable screen with Apple isn’t expected to introduce it before 2018.

Earlier, rumors suggested that Apple will bring transparent display with its iPhone 8 later this year. If the company introduces such functionality, it will be ideal for augmented reality where the real world will have graphical information overlaid when the phone is held up to it. We just have to wait and see what the company is planning on bringing to the users with Samsung is ready to release next smartphone in the S series in March with Nokia most likely to introduce one of the best smartphones later this year.

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