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iPhone 7 Plus Concept Features Stunning Design with QHD Display

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple is set to introduce different versions of iPhone 8 with significant updates. Since everyone is going to the edged screen route, Apple might introduce similar features and some early concepts have shown what the curved screen iPhone might look like.

Armend LIeshi has come with different versions of the upcoming smartphones from Apple including the iPhone 8 edge. He has suggested the basic iPhone is 5 inches with curved edge. The smartphone has an A11 processor for improved speed, 3GB RAM with 16 MP primary camera. Considering the basic version, the smartphone is likely to be FHD. Additionally, the smartphone is just 6.7mm thick which seems to be pretty accurate. The biggest introduction for the smartphone he suggested could be wireless charging for a 2500 mAh battery considering Apple is going for the wireless route for quite some time.

As for the iPhone 8 Plus Edge, it will be considerably larger at 5.8-inches with a QHD display. While still thin, it will have more pop with 4GB of RAM and four storage options. This one will have twin 16MP sensors on the back and a larger 3,200mAh battery under the hood. Both versions would be available in a wide variety of hues as well, something we would like to see in 2017. You can check out the full video render of the Apple iPhone 8 Concept below.

If the actual handsets look like anything similar to the concepts, then users would be pretty satisfied. However, these are just concepts and shouldn’t be taken as standards. With a large number of smartphones coming to the market this year, Apple is likely to face more competition that ever before in the market.

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